Cut Through Red Tape


Dealing with the Department of Defense is tough. There are unfamiliar organizations, a variety of levels of management and the acronyms will challenge anyone’s command of the English language.  HLS Solutions has worked in this business for decades. They know the DoD organizations, the people, and who does what.  A military requirement without funding is just a dream. We know who establishes and how requirements are established and know how to “follow the money” so you don’t chase a lead that has no priority or hope of getting funded.  HLS Solutions provides you the streamlined path to get “inside the staff meetings” to help you understand where you might find opportunities.

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HomeLand Security Solutions helped us with market strategies and introduced us to all the right people to improve our position to win increased DOD market share.

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About HLSS

Established by retired Major General Mark Volcheff who served over 32 years in the military specializing in homeland security planning, strategy, technology development; DOD acquisition; global aviation operations; logistics/transportation planning and policies; training; and personnel management.