Market Opportunities


HomeLand Security Solutions, LLC serves industry, government and non government organizations in a broad range of markets to help improve your business and other collaborative efforts.

HomeLand Security Solutions specializes in:

Homeland Security

Equipment manufacturers, Integrators, and services providers; businesses providing commercial response to global disasters


Homeland Defense

Aerospace and Defense product manufacturers serving global markets; DOD agencies needing providers to fill capability needs



Companies impacted by aerospace sectors


Commercial Aviation

Government business opportunities especially for the Civil Reserve Airlift Fleet, new mission areas, training, and simulation


Technology discovery

Providers of transportation, logistics and supply chain services and technologies, especially RFID



HLSS built our Contact plan, created our messaging, and opened doors for DoD insight and feedback that helped us better define cost, schedule and performance for a Foreign Military Sales customer.

International Aerospace Client --

About HLSS

Established by retired Major General Mark Volcheff who served over 32 years in the military specializing in homeland security planning, strategy, technology development; DOD acquisition; global aviation operations; logistics/transportation planning and policies; training; and personnel management.