Innovation for National Security


What do you do with your creative ideas that serve a national security purpose? Where do you start?  Who do you talk to?  HLS Solutions has the expertise and focuses on the Homeland Security, Homeland Defense and Commercial aviation support to government markets.  We also know a good idea when we see one and know how to bring attention to the innovation.  We’ve even run innovation competitions for US and Canadian universities highlighting research to national security leadership and helping transition the technology to the users.

We can help you understand the wickets you need to go through and avoid the pitfalls and dead-ends to get your idea in front of the right person.  Do you understand Broad Agency Announcements?  CRADAs? Public-Private Partnerships? SBIR opportunities? JCTDs? Requests for Information from FEDBIZOPPS or other sources of contract opportunity?  Whether you have a solid grasp of the opportunities or not, HLS Solutions can lead you through the efficient means to find your next opportunity.

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We never new how much our current product line had homeland security applications until HLSS conducted a product assessment for us, we can better target our marketing.

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About HLSS

Established by retired Major General Mark Volcheff who served over 32 years in the military specializing in homeland security planning, strategy, technology development; DOD acquisition; global aviation operations; logistics/transportation planning and policies; training; and personnel management.