Who Needs My Widgets?

FrontPosts_Biometrics_NoTextWhether you are just beginning in business or are seasoned with commercial business and wonder where you might introduce your products into national security markets, HLS Solutions can help you decide what you do that is directly applicable to national security needs, what needs a little modification or shaping here or there and what doesn’t fit a current government need.  We have experience coming into some of the largest companies worldwide to conduct product and service assessments to find the right market for your marketing pursuits. We’ll help you with transforming your products to meet a need, develop a market entry strategy, and assist with Business Development.  Your products too expensive?  More capable that what the government needs? The market space too jammed?  We’ll help you with that too. Contact us with your product and service challenges and HLS Solutions will find the right solutions for your!

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HLSS built our Contact plan, created our messaging, and opened doors for DoD insight and feedback that helped us better define cost, schedule and performance for a Foreign Military Sales customer.

International Aerospace Client --

About HLSS

Established by retired Major General Mark Volcheff who served over 32 years in the military specializing in homeland security planning, strategy, technology development; DOD acquisition; global aviation operations; logistics/transportation planning and policies; training; and personnel management.