“Walk” the “Talk”

IAW DoD SOPs, SDVOSB CW USTC OIs NLT COB.  The government speaks in strange ways, but that sequence of acronyms actually completes a full sentence thought.  Communications is critical with your customer. Do you know their language? Do you know what they are expecting to hear from you?  Do you know government processes and the best way to present your ideas and product capabilities to increase your chance of success?

There is nothing worse than walking into a meeting with your potential customer, especially a government customer, not knowing your audience (who are the formal and informal leaders); unsure how best to make your presentation (is it formal Power Point or table top chat?); missing what is a turn-off (don’t market, show your capability to meet your customer’s requirement), or making “Power Point Promises”.  HLS Solutions has decades of experience not only knowing what works best for your marketing efforts to government, but bringing expectation management to the forefront of your government interface experience.  Going to the top of the government organizational chain is not always the best approach and we can help you cultivate a relationship with the managers who need to first be convinced because they are the ones that plant the seeds with their bosses on a course of action to follow.  We can help you build, manage and facilitate your Contact Plan and the messages you put out. There is a logical approach to whom you need to talk to, when you need to talk to them and what messages you pass.  It often does not go by seniority nor an orderly sequence. Let HLS Solutions help you with your marketing plans and processes so you can be confident that you can keep your customer’s attention and “walk” the “talk” to a successful partnership.

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We had credibility and depth of knowing our customer’s needs every time we had HLSS with us at the government meetings.

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