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FrontPosts_Omni_Air_Airlines_NoTextCommercial aviation supports DoD troop and cargo movements, helps fight wild land fires for USFS, provides air ambulance services to government, and freight forwarding to rush supplies to the war zones. There are processes to get your company certified to do this kind of business.  In fact, the managing director, HLS Solutions was the former president, Commercial Airlift Review Board for DoD who oversaw the certification process for all commercial air carriers wanting to do business with DoD.  We are experts in the areas of the Civil Reserve Air Fleet (CRAF) program, we currently support commercial aerial fire-fighting support efforts to the US Forest Service, and we are helping air ambulance companies be approved to support DoD needs. Don’t forget the GSA schedule option and the visibility it gives your company to be readily available to meet government purchasing needs. We’ll help you with that process to understand how it works and what prerequisites you need to have.

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HLSS created a thorough and revealing market research report that helps us create business opportunities for our homeland defense companies in the U.S. market.

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About HLSS

Established by retired Major General Mark Volcheff who served over 32 years in the military specializing in homeland security planning, strategy, technology development; DOD acquisition; global aviation operations; logistics/transportation planning and policies; training; and personnel management.